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TOM CAMPBELL: A Coming Scientific Revolution. SCOTT TRUMP: A.I. + Consciousness.

In the FIRST HOUR of this episode of THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT, physicist and consciousness pioneer Tom Campbell joins host Jill Hanson to catch KGRA listeners up to speed on his upcoming groundbreaking research. At present, Tom is setting the stage for a genuine Scientific Revolution through a series of 17 quantum mechanics experiments, which will have the potential to affect Humanity more profoundly than any series of scientific experiments have ever hoped to - and WE have been offered the invitation to be among those who get this proverbial giant boulder started, rolling and gaining momentum down the hill until the world finds itself smack dab in the middle of the New Paradigm.

In HOUR 2, tech/business consultant SCOTT TRUMP comes aboard for a conversation spanning from AGI to consciousness and life in the universe. Scott studied Quantum Physics at Penn State University and Artificial Intelligence with MIT, he is now a technology and business consultant to Silicon Valley start-ups after spending the last 6 years at Amazon and Google. Scott's awareness practices are rooted in Non-dual Tantric Yoga and Buddhism. His blog:

Both of these conversations come your way on THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13TH at 6pm E | 3pm P: