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On this episode of The Q., international author and practitioner/teacher of EFT and Feng Shui, SOPHIE MERLE, joins host Jill Hanson to discuss Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is a simple form of acupressure that treats the energetic roots of emotional and physical suffering. In her comprehensive guide to tapping called "The Book of Tapping: Emotional Acupressure with EFT", Sophie offers both a full tapping protocol as well as a shortened version for acute situations, walking readers through the method step-by-step, illustrating the practice of tapping through easily accessible points on the face, hands, and torso aimed at dissolving acute and chronic emotional, psychological, and physical ailments.

ABOUT EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique is an effective tool for alleviating emotional conditions such as panic attacks, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, anger, jealousy, as well as phobias, such as stage fright or fear of flying, and provides immediate results in many cases. This method can also treat chronic pain, nausea, and headaches; alleviate insomnia and nightmares; encourage the release of painful memories; boost self-confidence; support weight loss, and improve concentration.

Later Event: February 16
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