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This past Saturday, June 23rd, JORDAN SATHER spoke on a panel at DisclosureFest alongside David Wilcock, Emery Smith, Corey Goode, and Jimmy Church on the topics of the Secret Space Program, black project technologies, and the documentary ABOVE MAJESTIC, which premiered there. This Wednesday, June 27th, Jordan joins THE Q.'s OBJECTIVE: REALITY host Dan Willis to deepen, broaden, and build upon that eye-opening, consciousness-evolving dialogue.

Considering himself a “Conscious Creator,” Jordan’s life calling is to advocate for truth. Through educational videos, book projects, and public speaking, he offers transformative esoteric and conscious messages across the globe - sharing information and insight that has been resourceful on his own never-ending quest to find his own true potential, so that he might help others realize their own sovereign power.

Tune into, TalkStreamLive, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and other popular streaming services THIS WEDNESDAY, June 27th from 6-8pm E | 3-5pm P for this important LIVE discussion between Dan and Jordan!

ABOUT ABOVE MAJESTIC. Narrated and co-produced by Jordan Sather, Above Majestic is a shocking and provocative look at what it would take to hide a multi-trillion dollar Secret Space Program from the public and the implications this would have for humanity. Viewers will be guided through an accelerated game of connecting the dots as Jordan takes a deep dive into the origins, technologies, history, cover-ups, conspiracies, testimony and research that goes beyond and Above Majestic. The film features some of the most prominent and prolific authors, researchers, whistle-blowers and disseminators in the movement for Truth and Full Disclosure, including but is not limited to Corey Goode, Emery Smith, William Tompkins, David Adair, Laura Eisenhower, Niara Isley, Clifford Mahooty, Jordan himself, and many others.

Earlier Event: June 20
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Later Event: July 11
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