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GLENN KREISBERG: Spirits in Stone, The Secrets of Megalithic America.

NOTE: Today's scheduled broadcast with guests LAIRD SCRANTON and TOM CAMPBELL will have to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances - instead, a "new to you" show originally pre-recorded days ago, previously scheduled for the Fourth of July holiday, with guest GLENN KREISBERG!

Many enigmatic stone formations still stand across the Catskill Mountain and Hudson Valley region of the Eastern US. On this episode of THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT, GLENN KREISBERG joins host Jill Hanson to discuss hundreds of lost, forgotten, and misidentified megalithic stone structures in northeastern America, as compiled in what is truly a comprehensive field guide - his book, Spirits in Stone: The Secrets of Megalithic America, with a stellar forward written by revered researcher GRAHAM HANCOCK.

Discussing such sites as the Wall of Manitou, Devil’s Tombstone, the Hammonasset Line, and Overlook Mountain, Spirits in Stone presents a ground-breaking study of ceremonial stone landscapes in Northeast America and their relationship to other sites around the world - also analyzing the archaeoastronomy, archaeoacoustics, and symbolism of these sites to reveal their relationships to other sites across America and the world. In his book, Glenn demonstrates how the Serpent Mount in Ohio and Ankor Wat in Cambodia are connected, and reveals how all of the vast, interlocking sites in the Northeast were part of an ancient spiritual landscape based on a sophisticated understanding of the cosmos, as practiced by ancient Native Americans.

While modern historians consider these sites to be colonial era constructions, Kreisberg reveals how they were used to communicate with the spirit world and may be remnants of a long-vanished civilization.

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ABOUT GLENN KREISBERG. Glenn Kreisberg is a radio frequency engineer, writer, researcher, and licensed outdoor guide. The author of numerous articles and papers, including Lithic Mysteries of the Northeast, he is the founder and editor of the alternative science and history website