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Portraitist DOUG AULD has painted 100 whistleblowers. On this episode of THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT's special broadcast show, OBJECTIVE:REALITY, Doug joins co-hosts Jill Hanson and Dan Willis in discussion. 

Doug's decision to paint “Whistleblowers” came from his examination of this exceptional group of people, willing to bring enormous controversy and upheaval upon themselves for seemingly little to no reward. Many of these people have lost careers, family, friends or even paid with their lives for their claims and actions. Some have been incarcerated, and most of them endure varying degrees of scorn and ridicule.

Former CIA operative Robert Steele, who Doug include in his series, defines the term “Whistleblower" as the following: "A person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity." However, Doug broadens this term to include informers who bring previously unknown and unaccepted information forward. Suppressed ideas contrary to political, corporate, scientific, environmental, medical and religious norms and interests.

Doug's Whistleblowers Series focuses on informers within the UFO, E.T. and “classified” topics. This topic, in his opinion, is the greatest story never told - and the next great step mankind needs to take. Hidden discoveries such as "free energy” anti-gravity devices, as well as evidence of otherworldly intelligence, would change the entire paradigm in which we live.

Hear Jill & Dan's discussion with portraitist Doug Auld TOMORROW, Wednesday, May 30th from 6-8pm E | 3-5pm P on, the KGRA app, or via TuneIn, TalkStreamLive, SoundCloud, Spreaker, or other popular streaming services.