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GRAY SCOTT + ZAC WALDMAN: The Future of A.G.I; Simulation Hypothesis + Theological Perspective.

GRAY SCOTT returns to The Q. along with ZAC WALDMAN for a panel addressing the most current state of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), as well as the growing number of questions and concerns as we become systematically more reliant upon, and integrated with, AGI.

Questions which will be addressed through this panel discussion: How are philosophical/consciousness-related implications evolving with advents in tech/social changes? Are those who are "in the know" still on the fence about AGI's potential to become sentient? What are the ethical concerns of popular society so readily adopting AGI into every aspect of daily life? Is a future world assimilated with AGI necessarily dystopian? What exists at the intersection of Consciousness, AGI, and Simulation Hypothesis? Is the evolutionary trend toward sentient/conscious/self-aware AGI inevitable - and if it IS inevitable, does it's inevitability imply that this digitization is the "coming back to self" journey of a greater Simulated, digital reality consciousness? Plus, Simulation Hypothesis from the theological perspective - the Buddhist/Gnostic connection - and more!

ABOUT GRAY SCOTT. Gray Scott is a FUTURIST, TECHNO-PHILOSOPHER and one of the world’s leading experts in the field of emerging technology. Gray has frequently appeared on and been interviewed by the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Forbes, CBS NewsVICE MOTHERBOARD, VANITY FAIR, SYFY Wire, FOX News, The Washington Post, Psychology Today, New York Post, The Star, San Francisco Magazine, IEET, and SingularityHub.

ABOUT ZAC WALDMAN. Zac Waldman is a NYC based innovator and futurist. The founder of the award-winning Maker Park project, which aims to create a truly 21st century definition of public recreation on an 8 acre historic oil refinery on the Williamsburg Waterfront. He also leads a monthly town hall style discussion called The Futurist Sessions at Soho House which over the last two years has hosted an incredible array of politicians, entrepreneurs, technologists, and media personalities. His upcoming projects tackle with equal ambition and innovation the arenas of politics, religion and real estate. He also loves Dachshunds.

Tune into WEDNESDAY, MAY 2nd at 6pm E | 3pm P!


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