THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT's New Website is up and running!

THE Q. is constantly evolving - and with it, so naturally should its platforms of engagement with friends, fans, and followers. 

WELCOME TO THE Q.'S NEW WEBSITE! this latest incarnation - minimalist, clean, streamlined, intuitive - aims to focus on meaningful content while building upon the successes of previous versions, offering visitors a more impactful interface through which to learn, share and connect. If you have feedback about existing functionality or a suggestion for something new, you are cordially invited to make your voice heard through our new  CONTACT page.

With direct navigation and ease of access to THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT broadcast schedule, archives, the KGRA-dB Audio HD live stream, social media, current and progressive news, research and critical perspectives from the front lines of The New Science Revolution through the Q.PSIENCE blog, and much more. At current the site is still under construction, with guests being rescheduled from Fridays to the new prime time Wednesday spot, and visual content in the works to break up the monotony - everything should be buttoned up and comfortably cruising on autopilot by May, your patience until that time is greatly appreciation.

A NOTE FOR FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS OF THE Q.: While you can expect weekly posts conveying upcoming guest and topic info every Monday, THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT schedule will no longer be updated or accessible as Facebook Events. 

Thank you for your continued support - I hope you enjoy this new and improved resource!


Jill Hanson

Founder|Researcher|Host, THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT