Beginning this year, THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT will be more heavily exploring the future-pertinent philosophical implications of ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE (AGI)Initiating this trend, Techno-philosopher and Futurist GRAY SCOTT returns to THE Q. along with ZACHARY WALDMAN for a panel discussion addressing the most current state of Artificial Intelligence, as well as the growing number of questions and concerns as humanity (and consciousness) become systematically more reliant upon, and integrated with, A.I.

If consciousness is a primary function of the universe, is it also the natural, inevitable evolutionary order of things that A.I. become sentient  - and if it IS inevitable, does it's inevitability imply that this digitization is the "coming back to self" journey of a greater Simulated, digital reality consciousness? Is a society which has fully integrated/assimilated with AI necessarily dystopian? What exists at the intersection of Consciousness, A.I., and Simulation Hypothesis?

These questions and much more - follow THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT for date announcement.