For almost four years, THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT has held down the fort on KGRA-dB on Friday nights. Beginning WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4TH, 2018, THE Q. will be moving to prime time: Wednesdays from 6-8pm E | 3-5pm P, airing just before SOUL WANDERINGS with host AJ Rasmussen!

While the transition into our new time slot is expected to go off without a hitch, there will obviously be a complete upheaval and reorganization of THE Q.'s broadcast schedule as it currently stands. During this period, while guests are being rescheduled to fit the new flow, there might be minimal foresight into guest + topic info beyond the short term week-to-week - but the hiccup will be fleeting. By May, the guest schedule will be back up with visibility at least three months out. Your patience until that time would be greatly appreciated.

So many good things will come with this move; I couldn't be more pleased to be going back-to-back on Wednesdays with host AJ Rasmussen and Soul Wanderings (LADIES NIGHT reigns on KGRA-dB once again)! I'm also looking forward to the prospect of my current listeners making the shift with me, hoping that this change means a more convenient time, and earlier nights, for some of you who are committed to tuning in. Yet another advantage of the move to Wednesdays: It might allow many potential listeners, those who before weren't able to tune in because of THE Q.'s late-night time slot, finally be able to tune in and join our amazing Tribe! All taken into account, I'm confident that this is a positive change for both THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT and its faithful and future listenership. 

I'll see you at on Wednesday, April 4th at 6pm E | 3pm P!