Q.PSIENCE Goes Full-spectrum In 2018.

THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT has been most visible from 2013-present through the talk radio show on KGRA-dB by the same name. Later in 2018, THE Q. will be evolving to expand visibility through several meaningfully informative/transformative ventures. These sub-PROJECTS:

  • Q.SYZYGY. To complement THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT's more scholarly-leaning exploration of CONSCIOUSNESS | PERCEPTION | REALITY on KGRA-dB, comes Q.SYZYGY:  The arm of THE Q.PSIENCE organization tasked with translating and facilitating the real-life application/embodiment of insights gained through THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT, to individual experience and transformation. Q.SYZYGY: The alignment of SELF (individual, identity)| SCIENCE (current paradigm)| SOURCE (ultimate, fundamental Reality), will focus on immersive COURSES delivered through DESTINATION RETREATS - each designed to integrate, challenge, and transform students on all levels from the inside out. Watch for more detailed information along with COURSE APPLICATIONS will come available over the next few months!
  • LEARNING PATHWAYS.  Contrary to everything that's been modeled to you, universities don't have a monopoly on education or learning. Core to the original mission of THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT was the concept of "guerilla education" - the idea that the individual can and should take ownership of their mind and consciousness, reclaiming the domain of one's own potential and one's own future, rather than continuing to relinquish that tremendous power to the perceived authority of the mainstream education complex. LEARNING PATHWAYS are programs of carefully curated, free online courses surrounding a single topic, intended to evolve an individual's level of understanding and knowledge from simple curiosity about a subject, to expert - one bite-sized chunk at a time, one foot in front of the other. 
  • CITIZEN SCIENCE. Many of the planet Earth's greatest discoveries were made with the help of people without degrees or traditional/classical education - everyday people armed only with the simple gift of CURIOSITY and the DRIVE to follow where their curiosity and passion might lead, and put in the work to harness only a few simple, intrinsic tools. One of the original aims of THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT was to empower the individual to take an active part in informing collective knowledge, understanding and consciousness evolution through offering these simple yet necessary tools. Through THE CITIZEN SCIENCE, members of the general public can report independent findings or work in collaboration with professional scientists - collecting data relating pertaining to the natural world, analyzing it, or simply reporting it - all toward the end of scientific research and DISCOVERY. 

Through these new facets, THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT will finally become the full-spectrum tool and platform for empowerment that it set to be from its inception in 2013. So, whether you're new to THE Q. or have been riding along for years, you've never been with us at a better time!