THE Q. Returns to KGRA 7/10/20.

Updated: Jun 23

In July you can expect the long-awaited return of THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT to KGRA-db in it's original Friday night spot from 10 pm-midnight EST.

Familiar, But Different.

As before, co-host Dan Willis will join host Jill Hanson on the last Friday of every month for THE Q.'s special broadcast show, OBJECTIVE: REALITY - bringing aboard experts guests in the arenas of disclosure and suppressed technology. You can expect the general scope of topics on THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT to remain the same, with a few exciting surprises.....

Thank You For Your Support!

It's been a long absence. Thank you to those longtime listeners who've remained loyal - and to the all-new faction of our global community, we're so excited to have you!

It all kicks off JULY 10TH, 2020 with the return of guest ROBERT PODGURSKI. Bob has been studying and practicing magick, qui gong, and yoga for over 30 years. Throughout much of his life he has engaged in a syncretic pursuit examining the history, practice, and genesis of hermeticism, magick, alchemy, the Cabala, Tantra, and western esoteric studies. These occult investigations have established the foundation for this book The Sacred Alignments and Sigils, 2nd edition, North Atlantic Books. As a speaker, Bob regularly lectures and conducts workshops on sigilization, occult theory, and methodology as well as poetry and the esoteric in verse.In May of 2014, he was the writer in residence at the Gloucester Writer’s Center in Gloucester, MA. Along with conducting a reading of his work at the center, Podgurski facilitated a workshop and talk “Wandering on Course to a Gestalt Poetics” that has informed his ongoing investigations into qliphothic consciousness. Bob holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and an MA in English Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has been interviewed on Occult of Personality, Thelema Now, and various other venues. His essays have appeared in various journals such as The Fenris Wolf, Starfire, The Qliphothic Opus III, Abraxas, Cauda Pavonis, and The Italian Quarterly, to name a few.

Intertwined with his esoteric pursuits, Podgurski is a poet writing in the modernist magical tradition. His verse has been reproduced in numerous publications including Sulfur, House Organ, Notus New Writing, Compound Eye, Open Space Magazine, and Poetry Dispatches. His first major collection of poems Wandering On Course was published by Spuytin Duyvil Press in 2013. And the first installment of his long poem Intersecting Visions Vision Intersects was released in 2019 by BullHead Books.Most recently, Bob has also completed his first magical novel, Beyond the Lens of Time.

Guest Robert Podgurski: July 10th, 2020 from 10pm-midnight EST on THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT,

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