Founder of THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT, JILL HANSON is an Ontocosmologist, writer, independent researcher, talk radio host, educator, and Doctoral student at Quantum University, currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine. She received her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco, CA, having completed her undergraduate thesis in Quantum Consciousness and Neurodiversity. 


With a broad academic background spanning Anthropology, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Astrophysics and even Fine Art, Jill brings not only a strong interdisciplinary foundation and approach to the scientific exploration of the origins of consciousness and the nature of perception/reality, but also an active, lifelong passion for the inquiries of science, the paranormal, subjective reality, perception, and the inherent relationships between these disciplined areas of inquiry.

Jill balances her exploration of Consciousness, Perception and Reality through THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT, with a venture into the integration of SELF (individual, identity)| SCIENCE (current paradigm)| SOURCE (ultimate, fundamental Reality) as Founder/CEO/Owner + MindShift Coach at Q.SYZYGY in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Through Q.SYZYGY, Jill combines the rigorous scholarship and knowledge she has gained through graduate-level studies in Consciousness & Transformative Studies, with the spectrum of research, real-world knowledge, and experience she’s accreted through her own unique experience of life. From Jill’s personal success in corporate business management and creative business ventures, 20 years of personal Contemplative Athletic Practice & plant-based nutrition, to a lifetime as a peer counselor and mentor – she offers a deep skill-set gained through the trials and triumphs of her own evolution, in the hopes of helping others more clearly and brazenly navigate their own.

Jill was a scheduled presenter at the 2014 Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference, and has been a featured guest on The Richard Dolan Show, Midnight In the Desert with Heather Wade, FATE Magazine Radio, and other popular talk radio shows - links to a cross section of these broadcasts can be found below.