suppressed technologies + disclosure.

In 2001, ex-radio broadcast engineer and ABC newsman, DAN WILLIS, testified at the National Press Club in Washington DC as one of the Disclosure Project's Top Secret military witnesses. In the early 1980's, Dan worked with the late MARCEL VOGEL (1917 - 1991) in his pioneering research to scientifically link consciousness with geometrical forms as exemplified in quartz crystals, the therapeutic application of quartz crystals, and the relationship between crystals and water. 

Dan co-hosts THE Q.'s special broadcast show OBJECTIVE: REALITY on the last Wednesday of every month, bringing into conversation with host JILL HANSON and their esteemed guests decades of  knowledge and experience in Exopolitics/ET/UFOlogy, Free/Zero Point Energy, and The Black Projects, and more.





Psychologist, Astrologer, author, and highly sought-after expert dream interpreter media expert, DR. LENNOX has appeared on such networks as the SyFy Channel, MTV and NBC. Dr. Lennox returns to THE Q. on a quarterly basis to offer "finger on the pulse" insights into the current state of Astrological geometries which may be influencing the fabric of human experience.

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Artificial Intelligence.

Having spent the last 6 years at Amazon and Google, SCOTT is a technology and business consultant to Silicon Valley start-ups. With an academic background in Quantum Physics from Penn State University and having studied Artificial Intelligence with MIT, Scott brings a solid scientific background and complementary interdisciplinary foundation built upon personal awareness practices rooted in Non-dual Tantric Yoga and Buddhism.

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