Consciousness exploration. Mystical experience. Telepathy. Teleportation. UFOs. The occult dimensions of science fiction. Cold war psychic espionage. Galactic colonialism. The unification of the sciences and the humanities. Controversial perspectives. A quintessential episode of THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT, right?

On WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6TH episode of THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT, modern presuppositions are called to task through conversation between Q.PSIENCE host JILL HANSON and guest JEFFREY J. KRIPAL.

Kripal is no ordinary scholar. Yes, he’s a prolific author, having penned at least eight books, including The Flip, Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion and The Serpent’s Gift:Gnostic Reflections on the Study of Religion. Yes, he holds the esteemed title of J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University. And yes, he’s director of the Center for Theory and Research at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. He’s also previously taught at Harvard Divinity School and Westminster College - but these credentials, as distinctive as they are, are not what truly sets Kripal apart from the pack. What raises Kripal’s voice above the din are his open mind and authentic willingness to openly express and explore his own humanity through and in his work.

Jeffrey J. Kripal approaches the task of reconciling life’s dichotomies with a hungry mind and open heart, deconstructing Scientism and it’s mandatory “either/or” social programming, to adopt a “both/and” perspective - and in so doing, he reframes collective personal cosmology.

Kripal grounds his study in the work of four major figures in the history of paranormal research: psychical researcher Frederic Myers; writer and humorist Charles Fort; astronomer, computer scientist, and ufologist Jacques Vallee; and philosopher and sociologist Bertrand Méheust. Through incisive analyses of these thinkers, Kripal ushers the reader into a beguiling world somewhere between fact, fiction, and fraud. The cultural history of; and the intimate relationship between consciousness and culture all come together in Authors of the Impossible, a dazzling and profound look at .

Also informing this episode, Jeff’s book, The Flip: Epiphanies of Mind and the Future of Knowledge (Bellevue Literary Press, March 12, 2019) which is Kripal’s ambitious, visionary program for unifying the sciences and the humanities to expand our minds, open our hearts, and negotiate a peaceful resolution to the culture wars. Combining accounts of rationalists’ spiritual awakenings and consciousness explorations by philosophers, neuroscientists, and mystics within a framework of the history of science and religion, Kripal compellingly signals a path to mending our fractured world.

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